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Jpop Community


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This community is meant to help discussion and exchange of information about Japanese pop music happen! Everyone is welcome. No flaming, no phishing, no trolling. Also, don't feed any trolls.

Please contribute suggestions! I don't claim to know every artist you're into, so please comment in this entry to make a suggestion! Your replies get emailed directly to me, so I'll update the userinfo asap. Any other suggestions are also welcome as comments to that entry. (Jan '06 update: currently our interests are at our max, and we're working to cycle through new or more popular interests. suggestions are still welcome, but we may not be able to add them right away!)

To find other communities interested in Japanese Music, do a livejournal "interest" search with keywords like "japanese music".

Thankyou for visiting jpop. Join us and start entering in discussions about Japanese music. I hope you will use this community to exchange links and information in a community-oriented manner.

I will enforce the following rules with warnings, post-deletions, and/or user banning:
  • Keep posts on-topic.
  • Keep posts respectful.
  • If you post images, put them behind an lj-cut tag.
  • No spam, trolls, or other ridiculous nonesense
Sharing files, including music that may have been released in the US and may fall under US law, may not be legal! If you share files, you do so at your own risk. Additionally, you might consider making your posts friends-only to be polite to whoever is giving you bandwidth.
Contact starladear6 (maintainer) or nutari (founder) with questions.

Disclaimer: Posts in this community are the responsibility of the author. The maintainer's of jpop take no responsibility for the authenticity or the legality of the content in member posts.
175r, ai, ai otsuka, akihara noriyuki, aliene ma'riage, amano tsukiko, amuro namie, arashi, asian kung-fu generation, atsuko enomoto, ayumi hamasaki, b'z, back drop bomb, beat crusaders, boa, bomb factory, bonnie pink, brilliant green, bump of chicken, cali gari, chara, chitose hajime, cibo matto, cloud, cocco, cool joke, core of soul, crystal kay, da pump, daisuke ishiwatari, dasein, dicot, dir en grey, do as infinity, dragon ash, ee jump, emi hinouchi, erika sawajiri, every little thing, exile, february 6, folder 5, gackt, glay, gotou maki, guitar wolf, hajime chitose, hal, halcali, hamada shougo, hamasaki ayumi, heartsdales, high-lows, hikawa kiyoshi, hirahara ayaka, hirai ken, hitomi, hitomi yaida, japanese music, jpop, jrock, judy and mary, kanjani8, keiko matsui, ken hirai, ketsumeishi, kick the can crew, kinki kids, kiroro, kishidan, koda kumi, lisa, lucifer, luna sea, m-flo, maaya sakamoto, mach 25, malice mizer, megumi hayashibara, melen kinenbi, melody, mic banditz, michelle gun elephant, mini moni, minmi, misia, miwa sasagawa, mongol 800, moriyama naotaorou, moriyama naotarou, morning musume, move, mr.children, mucc, nami tamaki, namie amuro, news, nihongo, nobuo uematsu, noi'x, nuts, oblivion dust, oda kazumasa, okuda tamio, onmyouza, orange range, porno graffiti, rip slyme, ryohei yamamoto, sambomaster, shakkazombie, shiina ringo, shogo hamada, shonen knife, smap, sonim, soul'd out, speed, sphere of influence, suite chic, t.m. revolution, tackey & tsubasa, the blue hearts, the pillows, the spunks, the yellow monkey, tokio, tommy heavenly, toshinobu kubota, trf, ulfuls, utada hikaru, w-inds, yasunori mitsuda, yellow generation, yoko kanno, yuki kajiura, yuki kimura, yuki koyanagi, yuzu, zard, zeebra, zwei


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